Make your own story books

Here is an ESL creative writing idea to use in the classroom.  First you need to make 2 booklets (for each group) by dividing an A4 sheet into 4 and then stapling 6 of them together.

This writing activity can be done individually or in groups.  Teacher hands out a booklet and tells them that this first booklet is drawing only (NO WRITING!)

The first page they are going to draw the main character.

The second page they draw when this story took place.

The third page is where it took place.

The fourth are other important characters.

The fifth is the problem that happens.

And the final page is the solution (Happy ending!)

The second booklet is writing only.  You can either tell your students to write notes or to write the complete story.  So on the first page they describe the main character, what she was doing etc, the second page is when the story took place etc.

Hope you enjoy


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